RHonda's Rentals LLC

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Rhonda’s Rentals LLC Qualifying Criteria

Rhonda’s Rentals LLC staff, management and ownership comply with all Fair Housing laws, and do not make decisions regarding application approval based on race, religion, national origin, sex, disability or familial status.

In order to be approved for residency with Rhonda’s Rentals LLC, all applicants must meet the following criteria: :

Income: The applicant:

  • must provide at least 2 consecutive paycheck stubs
  • OR 2 months bank statements
  • OR (for self-employed) last year's tax returns
  • Monthly household income must be 3 times the amount of market rent.
  • If a Lease Guaranty is required: Guaranty must not owe any debt to another community/landlord, must adhere to all qualifying criteria, and must make a personal visit with the manager prior to the lease application being approved.

Employment: The applicant:

  • Must provide at least 6 months of immediate, consecutive employment history to be verified. If applicant has been employed at current position less than 6 months, then must provide previous job history to be verified.

Criminal History:

  • Criminal history of a sexual crime or crime against another person is an automatic denial.
  • Felony convictions will be considered on a case-by-case basis if they are 10 years or older with no other criminal activity.
  • Misdemeanors involving injury to persons or sexual offenses are an automatic denial.

Credit History:

  • A credit report will be pulled for any applicant 18 years or older.

Rental History:

  • Current and previous rental history will be verified.

Approval & Payments:

  • Any applicant who has been approved for a Rhonda’s Rentals LLC will have 48 hours from the approval notification to sign the lease, pay the security deposit and pro-rated rent.
  • Any applicant has 48 hours from the approval notification to cancel the application without penalty. Rhonda’s Rentals LLC reserves the right to retain a part, or all, of the security deposit as liquidated damages if the application is cancelled after the 48 hour period.

By submitting my application to Rhonda’s Rentals LLC, I have read and understand this Rental Qualifying Criteria as provided by Westrom Group Company. I understand that if my application is not approved for any reason, I am NOT entitled to a refund of my application or administrative fees paid to process my application. I understand that any falsification or non-disclosure on the rental application will result in loss of all monies paid as liquidated damages in accordance with the Texas Association of Realtors.

Use Mastercard, VISA, American Express or Discover to pay your application fee:

Application for SINGLE individual ($100)

Application for TWO individuals ($150)