RHonda's Rentals LLC
What do you get for your dollar?

  Rhonda’s Rentals Fee Schedule

1.       Property Manage 1 – 4 Properties                                                    9% of Gross Rents

2.      Property Manage  5 – 9 Properties                                                    7.5 % of Gross Rents

3.      Property Manage  10+ Properties                                                      6% of Gross Rents

4.      Finders Fee for Tenants                                                                      50% of 1 month rent

5.      Tenant Renewal Fee                                                                           30% of 1 month rent

6.      Property Tax Reduction                                                                      25% of dollars saved

7.      All Late Charges and NSF fees to be paid to Management Company

8.      Application fee to be paid to Management Company


What will you get for your fees?

  • We will personally inspect the outside of your property on a monthly basis
  • We will personally inspect the inside of your property on a quarterly basis (we will give you a written report for each as well as digital pictures of concerned areas)
  • We will collect all rents on a timely basis and have a deposit made into your account no later than the 10th of the following month.
  • We will supply you with all reports requested using Quicken Rental Property.  We can offer your reports, monthly, quarterly, yearly, detailed and summary.
  • We have a 24/7 maintenance team that will fix all problems under contractors prices.
  • We have 30 years of experience in finding the right people for the right house for the right price. (I was a VP of default for a large sub-prime mortgage company for 8 years and have been in the business for 30 years.
  • We have almost 8 years of property management experience in the Tarrant county area.
  • We have been at over a 98% occupancy rate since we started.
  • We are a husband and wife team that knows the area and the homes.  We have over 20 homes of our own that we also manage.
  • We run thourough background checks on all tenants thru Citigroup.
  • We will issue a series of 3 letters for any type of problems with the yard or inside of the home.  If after 3 letters, it is still in disrepair, we will have our professional landscaper do it for the remainder of their lease and bill the tenant.  If the inside of the home has been damaged, (smoking, torn or stained carpets, holes in walls etc.) we will either issue a 30-day notice to vacate or we will require an additional deposit amount depending on the seriousness of the damage.
  • We are completely automated and have an external back up as well as an  internet backup (Moxy) for all information
  • Through our own money, we are now offering a $50.00 gift certificate to the two homes that have the nicest yards to give everyone an incentive to keep their homes up.  We will also place a sign showing “Rhonda’s Rentals Yard of the Month”.
  • Our maintenance team is fast and efficient.  They are working full time for us.  They are on call 24/7, 365 days a year.  We have had no complaints at all.  They are professional, courteous and efficient.
  • We live in the Keller area which is centrally located to all of our servicing area (all of Tarrant County from Arlington to Fort Worth to the Texas motor speedway).
  • We have a 14 day average turn around time finding a renter from start to finish due to our aggressive marketing and showing homes 45 days prior to present tenant moving out.
  • We will stay in constant communication with all tenants and owners by email, phone, or fax.  We will be sending out quarterly new letters with tips on different areas such as gardening, winterizing the outside areas, etc. 
  • We have an open door policy to all tenants and owners.  Everyone has all our phone numbers, fax, and emails. 
  • We have a website that is improving by the day.  We will even have a place for tenants to be put on a waiting list because we get a lot of referrals from our own tenants etc.
  • We are easy going when it come to the actual contract with you the owner.  We will release you from your contract for any of the following reasons:

A.      You decide to move back into your home

B.      You decide to sell your home (there will no penalty fee for this)

C.      Our contract completes. 


We would be proud to show you some of our current rentals. You may contact us by the following:

Rhonda’s Rentals LLC
200 N. Rufe Snow Dr. Keller TX 76248
OFC: 817-431-3700
FAX: 817-431-4148
Mike Jarecki: 817-800-6678
Rhonda Jarecki: 817-706-0904
Email: rhondasrentals@gmail.com