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Family owned and operated since 2003.

How do Realtors Benefit from a Partnership with
Rhonda's Rentals?

Rhonda's Rentals a property management company that personally owns the majority of their properties

Rhonda’s Rentals is owned by Michael and Rhonda Jarecki. We have been in the property management field since May 2003. We own/represent more than 50 single family homes. Our goal is to be your property Management Company / Partner. We will do this by being professional, efficient, fairly priced and have homes that renters will want to rent. We will manage any home within the North Tarrant County.  We have a maintenance staff that can usually repair any problems within 24 – 48 hours after contact.

What is in it for you the Realtor?

  • Increase in potential leads
    • Any renter that goes into a home your investor has will be given directly to you.  Your name and phone number will be given to all renters and we will supply you with their names and phone numbers.
    • Most renters want to be home owners someday.  You can give them a time table as well as a detail plan to be ready to buy in a year or two.
  • Your investors are yours!
    • I will have a real estate license but will put in writing that any homes that your investor wants to be put up for sale will always go directly to you.
    • There will be no early termination fee to your investors if they decide to sell a property prior to our contract being completed.
  • Our maintenance staff is top notch and the fees are far below contractor pricing.
    • You will be a hero to your investors by finding a management company with their own maintenance people.  Pricing is far lower than average contractor pricing.
    • First hour for any service including HVAC will be $50.00 and any remaining hourly service will be $30.00 per hour.

Here are some other reasons why Rhonda’s Rentals LLC is the right property management company for you and your investors.

We have over 30 years of Default management experience for sub-prime mortgages. (We know how to put the right person in the right home).

  • Over 8 years of direct property management experience in the Tarrant county area
  • We have an excellent maintenance staff that will have all problems fixed in a fast and professional manner while doing so at below contractor pricing.
  • Our fees are very competitive for the area
  • We are a small company owned by a husband and wife that takes pride in all of their work
  • We have a 98% occupancy rate for the last 7 years.  We do this by showing the property 45 days prior to the end of the current lease to prospective tenants.  We personally will show all homes ourselves.  We make sure all homes are clean and have good curb appeal.  We are aggressive finding new tenants by using Craigslist, signs, newspaper ads, bulletin boards, and our website www.rhondasrentals.com .  Our average number of days to find a renter is less than 14.  We are very quick at starting an eviction if needed (3 days after first if no contact with us).
  • We care about all the homes and want to make sure the homes look more like owner occupied than rented by a very strong 13 page lease that makes sure the home is maintained at all times or there will be monetary consequences to the renters.
  • My wife’s name is Rhonda and she is in charge of Repair:  Rhonda = Repair (the maintenance team loves her).  My name is Michael and I am in charge of the money:  Michael = Money.  The best collected rent is a strong lease close.  I make sure that they all know that we are fair, professional and will get the job done.  They will also know that if the home is not taken care of; we will know immediately and take action.
  • Out of over 145 renters, we have never had a single eviction and only 6 did we start the eviction process but they left before it was completed.
  • We are starting a “Yard of the Month” club.  Out of our monies (not the investor/owners), we will be giving a $50.00 gift certificate to the two homes that have the nicest yards.  We will be putting a sign in their front yard congratulating them.
  • We do not like paperwork and have automated 100% of all paper.  All leases, applications, background checks, etc. are all stored on our computer with two different passwords to get to the information.  We have a back up hard drive as well as an outsourced internet company named MOXY that holds all information on our computers.
  • We believe in automating as much as possible.  All tenants must pay through ach payments through our bank on the 1st of the month to save a lot of time and possible mistakes handling cash and checks personally.  We have found this excellent for our homeowners reporting also.  Our software system is Quicken rental properties and can be set up by investor/owner for just their properties.
  • Our website is improving by the day.  It is already a very impressive site but we will be adding new features on a monthly basis.

We would be proud to show you some of our current rentals. You may contact us by the following:

Rhonda's Rentals LLC
200 N. Rufe Snow Dr. Keller TX 76248
OFC: 817-431-3700
FAX: 817-431-4148
Mike Jarecki: 817-800-6678
Rhonda Jarecki: 817-706-0904
Email: rhondasrentals@gmail.com